Top 5 Puchka Places in Kolkata- Food Stall

‘GupChup’, ‘Pani Ke Batashe’- Rings any Bell? Nope! Then What about ‘phuchka’ or maybe ‘Pani Puri’- yes, now you know what I am talking about. The deep fried hollow sphere filled with tasty mashed potato and tamarind water is a treat on your tongue. Phuchka can be regarded as the staple snack of Kolkata. No matter if you are a Kolkatan or a Tourist a Kolkata evening is not complete without a treat of Phuchka. And even in the street food genre, Phuchka is the ultimate champion in Kolkata. There are different size and different kind of the fluffy tasty snack. If you want you can have it with mashed potato or even mashed green banana, and even with meat or chocolate. Let me give you an itinerary for Phuchka in the City.

Top 5 Phuchka Places in Kolkata

Phuchka is a food that every Kolkatan love, it can be a snack or even a binge eat. Whatever you like. There are plenty of types of Phuchka- There’s Jol Phuchka that is made with mashed potato and Tamarind water, and Dahi Phuchka that is made with mashed potato and curd and other Masala. Here are the Best 5 of all the Phuchkas in the city.

  1. Phuchka Parlour (Bijoygarh)

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In the Southest corner of Kolkata there is a wonderland for Phuchka lovers, called the Phuchka Parlour. They serve the street food delicacy in different types size and flavors. In all the impossible flavors and stuffings- chicken, chocolate, mayo and what not. You can even have a plate of phuchka with mango stuffed in it. So what are you waiting for? Go and gorge in.

What to have-  Phuchka, Pasta, Pizza, Chicken Salad.

Pocket Pinch-  Rs 50 for two excluding taxes.

Timing- 2pm- 10pm.

  1. Salt Lake A B Block

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The Phuchka here at the A E Park, near Tank no. 4 is one of the best in the city. The Tamarind water in here has the most authentic taste to it. The popularity of it shows by the queue in front of the stall. They also have a special phuchka that is made with spices, sweet vada, chilies and tamarind water.

  1. Vardaan Market

Every Phuchka stall in the city is a bit different than others. They all have something unique added to their tastes, and the stall in front of Vardaan market has the spicy touch to its fluffy phuchkas. This stall makes the phuchka with all the spices like- Jeera, Methi, Ajwain, and Dhania. So if you are a spice lover then it is the place for you.

  1. Chakraberia

The chakraberia phuchka stall is the most unique in the city because it makes jain phuchka, that is stuffed with boiled mashed banana and pudina. It also has normal regular phuchka with mashed potato and tamarind water. But the jain phuchkais made separately that serves the huge community residing over the place near Triangular Park.

1. Vivekananda Park

Dilip Da’s phuchka is the ultimate in Kolkata, near Southern Avenue it is The it point for phuchka. The Tamarind water has raw sliced mango and Gondhoraj Lebu in it, which gives it a nice and tangy taste.

What to have- Normal Phuchka, Churmur Ragada Chat

Pocket pinch- everything ranges from 40-50 per plate.

So here are the best of the city, experience the taste of Kolkata’s streets.