These are Top 5 Mishti Doi Outlets in Kolkata: Check Out No. 3

Kolkata has always been about its sweetness and the wide range of Mishti it offers. Other than the Rasogolla another delicacy which is sure to impress your sweet tooth is Kolkata’s very own Mishti Doi. This creamy doi is one which still upholds it’s old taste and has not been altered like the other sweets in town. In Kolkata everyone goes crazy about Mishti Doi, be it para’r kaku (Locality’s Uncle) or Ravi Shashtri. When Mishti Doi is available in every corner of the city it definitely becomes a problem to find the best ones.

Here Are Top 5 Mishti Doi Outlets in Kolkata

Fret not, we are here just to sort out the confusions you might be having before trying out this deliciously fermented Mishiti Doi. This article will help you go through the best places Kolkata has to offer in terms of Mishti Doi.

  1. VIP Sweets

The outlet of VIP sweets at Chinar Park is preferred for its location by any tourist who visits Kolkata as it is the best place near to the airport. The outlet boasts a great variety of sweets and is everyone’s favorite due to the great taste it’s sweet to have.

Location: 216, Chinar Park, Near Spencer, Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata

What Else to Try: Rabri and Baked Rasogolla

People’s Take:        “It’s quite spacious and clean with a wide array of sweets & snacks.

Service is swift.

Prices are also reasonable.

A good place for sweet lovers.”