Here are Best 7 Momo Joints in Kolkata: Which One is Your Favorite?

Momos have fast emerged as one of the most famous street foods in India. Though it had its origin as dumplings in Tibet and Darjeeling, now, we simply can’t move about without bumping into a Momo stall here and there. Kolkata, the City of Joy as it is, has its own fair share of Momo joints in all its nooks and corners. Traditionally, momo is made with a minced meat filling. However, now we can find numerous variations. From chopped vegetables to paneer, you name it; you get it. There are also two types of momos — Steamed and Fried. What more?! It also comes with a pair of delicious dip and a bowl of steaming, mouthwatering soup. Hungry and thinking about going to the nearest momo joint to hog on some? Then you definitely must visit these places to taste the momos that we all love.

Top 7 Momo Joints in Kolkata

Momo is Kolkata people’s favorite food now. Be it breakfast, be it lunch or even dinner Kolkatans loving Momo and every kind of it. Momo is reigning the plates in the city. So here are the very best 7 of Kolkata’s Momo Joints.

1.Blue Poppy ( Middleton Street)

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Going through a hectic workday schedule or need to hang out with friends and need to grab a quick snack? Situated in the heart of the city, with its traditional Tibetan decor, Blue Poppy is surely going to get you your much-needed break.What else to try: Chicken steam momo, Mixed Chowmein, Mixed fried rice, Garlic Chicken gravy, Pork Momo.

What people think: The momos are awesome, The sauce served with the pan-fried momo is delicious. The vegetable momo is also highly recommended. The joint is pretty small and usually crowded with the Loreto and Xavier’s crowd. But the food is priced reasonably.

“The ambiance is at its best at this place.It is well decorated with Tibetan showpieces and colorful paintings.The staffs are very friendly and the chef has got some hands in cooking.The food here is served on time and you need not wait too long and bite your nails.Though the place is a little compact it is perfect for an evening outing.”


  • All kinds of pork dishes.
  • The traditional Tibetan paintings and show-pieces.
  • Other outlets: LA 4, Sector 3, Salt Lake, Park Street