Choose Your Best Sandwich Type on World Sandwich Day

Sandwiches answer for every confused lunch or breakfast. Sandwiches are like oxygen in the world, you can not live without them. Everyone loves sandwiches be it kings from the 18th century or you in your lunch at the office. Be it our favorite Forest Gump or Joey Tribbiani everyone loves this meat, veggies, and sauce covered with two pieces of bread on both ends. The wonder that the sandwich is very much appreciated in the world, it is a “go-as-you-like” kind of food; you can put whatever food you like with sauce in between two slices of bread and dig in. And if it’s the World Sandwich Day, what can you do better but having one of these pieces of heaven for your lunch.

Choose Your Best Sandwich Type on World Sandwich Day

It’s the World Sandwich Day and you need to stop and take out a moment to appreciate these little beauties. The soft crunchy bread, the juicy ham, bacon, the thick buttery rye I mean what else can be better than this? Noting. So here are the 6 best Sandwiches in the world for you choose from on the way to the cafeteria.

6. Break Fast Sandwich

Now going classic is always a safe option, it never disappoints you. The traditional breakfast sandwich born in the U.S.A, for the fast pace of life (nobody had enough time to sat down and eat a full-scale breakfast) all of the parts of a breakfast was put in between two bread i.e- cheese, mayo, bacon and a fried egg, and you’re good to go. Having breakfast on the go is a daily thing for working people but if you’re having the breakfast sandwich you don’t miss the fun too.

5.Cuban Sandwich

In all types of sandwiches, the Cuban sandwich is a monster sandwich. It is essentially a leftover sandwich, so comes in a bulk of stuffing. It combines Ham & Cheese, a porchetta, roast pork from suckling pig (a Cuban tradition), swiss cheese, glazed ham, dill pickles and mustard loaded into Cuban bread and pressed on a plancha. You can add salami, mayo, lettuce, and tomato as your liking and the monster is ready. Two things you can go Cuban with eyes closed, Cigar and Sandwiches!