Bengali Quotes in English – Top 10 List

Bengali is a language, that is famous for its richness and diverse nature. This language has evolved from its inception; it has different words in it from different languages. Ranging from Dutch to French and even Parsi there are very many words that have been included in. As Kolkata or Bengal was the capital of British India there used to be different people from the farthest corner of the planet and as they came they brought their culture along with them. But with all the different influences and effects, Bengali still is one of the richest languages of all. We have a large collection of literature, which is adored all around the world. and there is no place on this earth where you would not find a Bengali. Bengalis are very true their root and make it a point to talk in Bangla whenever they are together. It is a very natural happening that in NYC you’d here Bangla at every nook and corner. And Bangla is a language that is changing every day, but still, there are some things that never change, the very basics the classics, they still are the same and always will be.

Bengali Quotes in English – Top 10 List

So here are some of the most famous quotes in Bangla, written in English.

1. Protest.

2. Work. Work. Work.

3. You don’t fall in love, You grow in it. 

4. Inside-Out

5. Rock-Solid

6. Home is a Feeling

7. If One Door Closes

8. The Value of Money


9. Power of a Democratic Country

10. Shikkha- Rabindranath Tagore


There are a lot of people who can not read Bangla but can understand it very clearly. With the globalization Bengal is going ahead as well and every other kid in the block is in an English medium school and do not have any sort of experience about reading or writing Bangla, but that is not something we should be sitting on, rather we should do something about it, so that this great and vast language stays with all its glory and poise. so to start here are some of the cult quotes of Bangla written in English and are explained as well.