For All The Icecream Lovers: Naturals Opens It’s First Outlet in Kolkata

Icecream Lovers Kolkata :-

Hold Tight foodies! A grand news for you! ‘Naturals’ is here in town for you with its wide range of fresh ice-cream that tastes heavenly. The Mumbai based ice-cream makers opened their first ever ice cream shop in Juhu. They make some delicious ice-creams with fresh fruit and ingredients. Trust me, you’ll know the difference once you taste it. After H&M and  Star Bucks its the next Big thing in Kolkata.

Park Street is the Mecca of Kolkata’s Food, this is where the ice-cream chain has opened their store; just opposite Allen Park. In 1400 square feet area the shop can host 40 ice-cream lovers at once. They have all the possible flavors of ice-cream- Mango, Watermelon,  Tender Coconut, Coffee Walnut, Strawberry, Custard Apple, Cocoa Almond and the list goes on and on.

Naturals taste yummy and is affordable too.  You can choose from the wide range of flavors and even mix and match as you like.  Each scoop costs 55 rupees. All the flavor lovers dig in, they have all the imaginable flavors.