Adda, Tea, Romance: Here are The Perfect Places for Tea Lovers in Kolkata

4. Abar Baithak (Jodhpur Park)

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If you are a Bong, Feluda is in your veins. And then it has been your wish to have a cup of fresh tea and Dalmut with the famous trio of the legendary Detective Series. Here is the place where you can fulfill your dream. This cafe in south Kolkata has the whole decor on Feluda, and not only that they have the best of the tea on their Menu. With Feluda on the side and a cup of freshly made tea, what else do you need?

What to Have- Ushno Uttarakhand, Earl Grey, Assam Orthodox.

Time- 9 am to 10 pm

Pocket Pinch- 550 for two.

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