Adda, Tea, Romance: Here are The Perfect Places for Tea Lovers in Kolkata

2. Dolly’s The Tea Shop (Dahkuria)

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This here is another cafe that has a nice little tea shop feeling. In the nicest neighborhood of South Kolkata, this tea shop sells some of the best tea in Kolkata. They have a wide range of nice tea in Kolkata. They have set up little umbrella outside their store and tables. The interior also has some rugged cafe look, with hardwood boxes, and rough wood chairs. This cafe is one of must visits for tea lovers.

What to have- Darjeeling Autumn Delicate & sparkling, Niligiri Orthodox Dolly’s Special 100 yards, and Cocoa Tea.

Time- 10:30am to 7:30pm. Sunday closed.

Pocket Pinch– 350/ for two.

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