Adda, Tea, Romance: Here are The Perfect Places for Tea Lovers in Kolkata

Every City has its own set of taste and their own smell. And Kolkata being the Soul City it has an aroma that wakes people up in the city, slowly, softly makes them ready to take on the world waiting outside; That is the aroma of Tea. Tea may be the one drink that 8 to 80 everyone drinks. ‘Cha’ as Kolkatans call it, is the reincarnating drop that brings people to life. Kolkata is the capital city of WestBengal, which has Darjeeling as it’s crown, has some of the best varieties of tea. We can have tea that ranging from Darjeeling to Assam, and regular roadside stall wala tea as well. The tea shop is the only thing you can find in every nook and corner of the city and can even enjoy it within 5 Rupees still now. A Kolkata experience is incomplete without.

Adda, Tea, Romance: Here are The Perfect Places for Tea Lovers in Kolkata

Kolkata is a place where all the parts of the society meet in a tea shop, be it a big businessman, or an IT Professional, or even a Rikshaw puller everyone comes together at a tea shop. Tea is something that Bongs can’t live without. But there are places in the city where you can have a cup of tea in a flattering place, noiseless, nicely decorated, and has some of the best tea to offer. Here are The 5 Best Place to have Tea in Kolkata.

1. First Flush (Garia Hat)

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This is one of the best tea cafes in the City. The First Flush serves some of the best flavors and varieties of tea. The flawless liquor and smooth flavor. The ambiance here is something to fall for. A ground floor of a house turned into a cafe, they have these white swan like look and nice homely touch with the comfy chairs and couch. In here you can also buy nice ethnic kurtas and jewelry, they also have a small collection of books that you can grab while savoring your nicely made tea. And they are affordable too.

What to have–  Gidda Pahar First Flush, Castleton China & Avongrove Clonal.

Time- Everyday, 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Pocket Pinch- 500 for two.