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First Floating Market in Kolkata

Kolkata again has added another feather in its crown, Floating market; the 1st in the country and the 3rd in Asia. The market will be in the water body on Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.  The market is about to start since January this year. The local councilor Arup Bhattacharya who initiated the biggest project in the city said that this is going to be the next tourist attraction in the city. The market will have 200 shops as the floating boats, the shops will be owned by the vendors who got evicted from the sides of the E. M. Bypass due to road widening project.

Damnoen Saduak, Thailand

The floating market idea is already there in Bangkok or in other south-east Asian countries, and the one we see in Dal Lake is unorganized and the vendors approach the tourists to buy stuff. This market at Patuli would have the shops on the water as the boats and the customers will reach there by walking on the pathways made on the water body. The boats will be on either side of the paths. The walking paths have ports to park the boats on either side.

The water body is of 250 mts long and 60 mts wide. The entry to the market would be free, and the people are expecting a hike in the tourism account through this.

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